About Platinum Power

About Platinum Power

The highly experienced team at Platinum Power prides itself on its connection with the people. We are a family-oriented business. We have more than 116 years of experience in the construction industry in New Zealand and overseas. Our knowledge has been passed on from generation to generation and we still fondly remember those pioneers that invested their electrical knowledge into our team.

We have worked on several projects throughout the country, such as installation and connection of high voltage cables for 'Vero', which is one of the tallest business buildings in Auckland city, installation of underwater power cables as well as placing high voltage lines through Otahuhu and the mangroves in Mangere. Most of our staff have recently returned home after working in various regions in Australia for several years. Specializing in construction and underground cable-work, we have gained extensive knowledge and experience working in diverse cultural settings and harsh climatic conditions. We have also been involved in the distribution and transmission of power in Ireland including storm recovery and the restoration of domestic supply.

The team at Platinum Power is highly qualified and fully trained to undertake any construction and cable-laying work. We have been trained by some top network distribution companies in the country, including Mercury Energy, Active Power, GEC Alstom, Alstom, Northpower and Top Energy. We take health and safety seriously and adhere to the highest industry standards. We are part of the global ISNetworld network which helps us manage risks and strengthen relationships with our clients, contractors and customers.

We can not only help you connect your property to the electricity network, walking you through the process of applying for a consent through to getting your meter set up and working. We are also an authorised reseller of electricity, making it easy for you to switch and start saving.

If you would like to know more about us, our services and how we can help you with your next residential or commercial project, give us a call today.