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RetailPlatinum Power is an authorised retailer, supplying electricity to homes throughout the Northland area. Whether you’re an existing customer with any other power company, or you’re about to move into a new property that needs to be connected to the power network, choose Platinum Power for all your electricity needs and start saving today.

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How it works

Most energy in New Zealand is created from renewable sources such as hydro dams and wind turbines. It is then fed into the state owned Transpower network grid, the high voltage transmission network that carries electricity throughout the country. While Transpower solely builds, operates and maintains the grid, it is the responsibility of local lines companies such as Northpower to distribute that electricity based on their geographic location.

Northpower is responsible for providing and maintaining the lines network throughout the Whangarei and Kaipara area, connecting around 60,000 households. However, they are not the ones charging you for your energy usage. It is retailers such as Platinum Power that buy electricity and sell it on to residential and commercial customers.

For the people

Here at Platinum Power Retail we are very family-oriented and have strong connections to the local land and its people. Our knowledge of the electrical industry has been passed down through the generations. We firmly believe in quality over quantity. Instead of creating a network where customers are nothing but a number, we want to focus on the people and strengthen our relationships with each and every one of our customers.

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